Charming Me

Living in JHB – South Africa

I find my inspiration in the simple things in life and living by the code “Simply Stunning” however this makes me my own biggest critic.

I am a partner, a sister and a mother to my fur babies.  

I am also a self-taught artist that live in Johannesburg, South Africa, but the bush is where my heart is at.

MY ART is a way for me to find calm in the concrete jungle. After a stressful day in the corporate world – my art becomes my freedom. I try to grab every opportunity to spend time with my family and appreciate the beauty and simplicity nature provides!

The biggest gift I received from my mom was her passion to try her hand at anything, and if it did not work out the way you planned, try again or move on. Since a very young age, I was interested in drawing, painting and any DIY project where I could use my hands to create something from nothing. I grew up sharing my mother’s love and passion for being creative. We belonged to the embroiders guild together; and she taught me almost everything I know.

During a dark decade in life’s journey I lost my passion to create (or so I thought).  But life still had more to give, a life partner and sole mate who believes in me and that I am enough just the way I am.  One warm summers evening, sitting on the couch, I picked up a pencil and started drawing our cat (Tiger) fast asleep next to me. The utter joy from those few hours was the spark I needed. The support and complements that followed after each drawing, made my confidence grow. The rest is history and every drawing a mystery as they would say. Now I labeled myself as an art supply collector rather than an artist, as I will experiment with a multitude of subject matter, trying everything new at least once.

MY LOVE & PASSION lies in various mediums: Watercolour, Acrylic paints, Pen & Ink and not forgetting the ever so challenging Pastels, Charcoal & Graphite. For a quick project I will turn to Jewelry making or making Charming Gifts to share with family and friends.

My partner and I love to go on road trips and it is during this time that we will turn to our shared passion – photography. These road trips can be followed on my Instagram page and my best images will be in my road trip gallery.

Please feel free to take some time and look at my work. If you are interested in something you see or just want to chat, pop me an email.

The company you keep – defines who you are!

You thought me to find the good in others & they will see the good in me.  You gave me my values I live by every day.  Nothing is impossible, I can make it possible.  Never give up!



Thank you for giving me my niece to love, and to fill the gap in my heart. Knowing the blessing that family will stick with you in good times, in bad times and sad times. I am blessed to have you as mine.

TO MY SOLE MATE! You understand my OCD. You taught me patience & brought back my LAUGH! In this PARTNERSHIP being courageous, honest and trustworthy always comes first. We take responsibility for our actions, and know that it is fine not to be perfect. Thank you for sharing your family with me, making me a part of something bigger.